Quite often, when you hear people talk or write about 432 Hz music, the conversation is packed full of beliefs. “It is the frequency of the universe” some will say, and others will tell you that “it’s the frequency of the ancients.”

For some, that’s fine. For others, it sounds more like new age jargon that will cause people who aren’t into that kind of thing, to dismiss the whole idea of relaxing 432 Hz music.


Frequencies Affect the Body

When we strip the spiritual or jargon out of the discussion, we’re left with hard facts, that frequencies have an effect on the body. Different frequencies will have different effects.

Frequencies are felt as well as heard. Sound, whether our ears can hear it or not, has an effect on our physical bodies, particularly the fluid content of our physical makeup. There are sounds that our ear can’t hear, that affect our emotions, our thoughts, and our overall well-being. Though it’s not being heard, it’s being felt.


Calming Music

There are physical reasons why the 432 Hz tuned music is used for meditation, spa music, lullabies, ambient sounds playing while studying, yoga, and sleep therapy. This particular frequency produces a calming effect on the body.

Music that has been tuned down to 432 Hz has an effect on our bodies that produces calm. Being calmer, we unwind, and our thoughts become clearer. Because of this, we can focus on things better, sleep better, and in many circumstances feel better, when making an effort to surround ourselves with music that is tuned down to the 432 Hz frequency.

All said, even if you’re not into the spiritual side of frequencies or the belief of being in tune with the universe, there’s no reason to overlook the benefits that this frequency will have over your well-being.

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