Baby Sleep Music for a Restless Child

Some people leave the TV on, while others think that complete silence is the key. If your child is having trouble resting, perhaps it’s time to do a little digging into some baby sleep music.

Silence can be Scary

There are very few parents out there that don’t complain about a lack of sleep. Not because they’re having a hard time going to sleep, but rather, staying asleep. Baby’s tired enough to pass out and is put to bed. Before you know it, just after you find your comfort zone in your bed, the baby starts crying- time to get back up.

Dead silence can be a frightening thing to a child that has just woken up for whatever reason. They wake up with a bit of a grog (as we all do), then realizes that it’s alone in a dark or dimly lit room, with no sounds to give it any reference as to what’s going on.

Before you know it, you’re dragging yourself out of bed for the fifth time, to go and provide some sort of comfort.

Televisions are a Waste and are Inconsistent

So, you leave the TV on to cancel out silence being the problem. They work well as an oversized nightlight and give off a decent amount of noise.

However, the baby isn’t necessarily being occupied by the television, right? Particularly if it’s an infant. Also, you could put on a program that is at a decent volume level, then blast the baby out of a crib with a sudden shift in volume from a different program or commercials.

A Better Solution

Baby sleep music can be a better solution than the ole TV. And, can be played on a much more energy-efficient stereo/radio. Baby sleep music is produced in such a way, that there is a physical calming effect on the body of your child.

This removes restlessness and waking prematurely, and causes the child to remain asleep for more meaningful periods of time.

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