As far back as earlier human civilizations, the ancient mystics and philosophers have maintained that the world around us, as well as everything in it, is in a constant state of vibration. Due to our limited senses, we are unable to perceive these vibrations.

Of all our senses, sound is the only one that depends solely on vibrations. Everything in existence has an optimum frequency at which it vibrates known as the resonance. Our bodies are no exception to this state of resonance. In resonance, our bodies become balanced, and every component performs optimally.
Music can directly affect our mood. Some songs make you happy, and some make you sad. Some get you hyper, and some give you a mellow mood.

Listening to sounds tuned to 432Hz induces this state of resonance in all aspects of our being (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual). If we hope to understand how the 432HZ frequency helps us, we must first take a look at how it was discovered.

8Hz is the fundamental frequency of our planet. Also known as the Schumann resonance, named after the Physicist who mathematically documented it in 1952, Winfried Otto Schumann. Our thought waves typically range from 14-40Hz. This frequency is known to lie within the left hemisphere, where logic and analytical thinking is done. The frequency range of our brains resonates with the 440Hz standard of music.

When both hemispheres of our brains get synchronized, all our brain cell dendrites will then operate optimally with maximum communication between both regions. This phenomenon is known as the “whole brain synchronization”, and it causes beneficial changes in the flow of blood to the brain as well as brain chemistry.
The greatest philosophers, inventors, and thinkers, as well as artists all, use both hemispheres in their brains. In order to simulate this, one only needs to listen to music tuned to 432Hz, and it will induce the two hemispheres to synchronize.
Typically, most people tend to favor one hemisphere over the other. This brings about psychological and physiological imbalance.

When we listen to 432Hz music, it resonates inside our bodies, removing all interruptions in our emotional pathways as well as expanding our consciousness.
We can synchronize with the universe and tune into divine intelligence as well as our souls. 432Hz music expands our emotions, making us more compassionate and loving towards one another. Resonating with love can only bring inner peace. We need to resonate with mother earth to live in peace, unity and harmony with mother earth as well as one another.

There’s more, listening to 432 tuned music helps decrease feelings of anxiety and stress, consequently promoting the natural healing process as well as a deep connection to the universe.

Furthermore, meditating while listening to 432Hz tuned music will help focus your brain as well as all your energy just where you need it to be. It has been known to bring a sense of calm as well as promote healing in people.

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