Sound Healing

Our minds and bodies interact with different sounds and has different reactions to them. Certain sounds stimulate positive feelings, or relax us or even improves our mood.

People have been using sound to induce healing as early as in ancient Greece. In Greek mythology, Apollo was the god of medicine as well as music. Aesculapius was known to cure mental disorders with sounds. Even Aristotle and Plato made claims to the effect of music on the human soul and emotions. Even Hippocrates played music for his patients.

In the past century, music has been incorporated into the recuperation of wounded soldiers during the second world war. This point in human history is referred to as the dawn of music therapy.

Music therapy has evolved and advanced to the stage where it is today, where it is an integral part of meditation and spiritual growth. Despite being misconstrued as a strictly mythological approach, music therapy has neurological and psychological advantages.

In some instances, people have been known to be cured of their ailments by listening to specific sounds. We all know the benefits of practicing yoga however what we do not know is listen to sounds at certain frequencies also helps the meditation process in yoga.

Every object in the universe vibrates at its own frequency, these frequencies emit waves. However, of all the waves in the universe, we interact with sound waves the most.

Sound is an integral part of meditation. Even if the meditation does not involve any music or external sounds, people often focus on the sound of their own voice or the sound of their own breathing. It’s all still translates to the fact that sound is the driving force behind any meditation session. Mantras, chants, or prayers are all sounds on which you focus while meditating.

When meditating, it is important to clear your mind however we all know how difficult or tricky that could be especially with lingering worries and other thoughts. If music is played at a certain frequency however we can focus on the sound using that as an outlet for our thoughts. The sound, however, should be played at the right frequencies so as to have the desired effects. Healing usually begins in the mind. The best way to set our minds to heal is by meditating. Meditation not only clears our minds of impure thoughts; it also helps focus our energy on important things.

It is also scientifically proven that listening to music Stimulates the secretion of dopamine in our brains, as well as oxytocin which acts as a natural painkiller. Dopamine causes us to feel good.

Meditation offers a vast number of benefits. Including a balanced sleep cycle, regulated blood pressure, balanced moods as well as improved breathing and circulation, not to mention stress eradication as well as anxiety.

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